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World-Famous Record-Breaking Pizza


Named “Best Pizza in Pittsburgh,” Mama Lena’s is always working to raise the bar and make their pizza bigger and better. Rob Carrabbia had a dream to make the world’s largest commercially sold pizza. This dream went far beyond a one-time photo op, Rob wanted to create a pizza that customers could order and take home to enjoy.

This led to the creation of The Big One, a 150-cut, 53 ½ inch pizza. Customers can purchase The Big One for $99.99 by ordering in advance. This is the largest commercially available pizza made with delicious, high-quality ingredients.

The Big One is made with 15 pounds of cheese, about a gallon of sauce, and 20 pounds of dough for a truly large and unique foodie experience, perfect for large groups and gatherings.


mama lena’s

732 Broadway Ave,
McKees Rocks, PA 15136.

Or call us and order in:

(412) 875-5462